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Welcome Ladies and Gents to Iloilo Barter Society ‼️
This is a place where our medium of exchange is items - No CASH allowed. 
Just post what the item you want to exchange with anyone then other 
members can offer an item and you can choose which one.

1. This is a place where our medium of exchange is items - No CASH allowed. Strictly no buying or selling in this group.

2. Just post the item you want to exchange with anyone. With brief explanation or description. You can also post estimated worth.

3. Then other members can offer an item and you can choose which one you like from the ones offered.

4. The offers can go on in the thread until the one who posted selects from the thread by replying to the choice.

5. Once the choice has been made the barter is now deemed completed. Both parties must agree by saying DEAL!

6. We encourage food, ingredients, edibles, beauty products or toiletries. No harmful, unlawful, expired, indecent or unlicensed items. Please report any posts which are suspicious and unlawful or any misrepresentations.

7. You may use Grab Delivery or other arrangements as you may agree - Charge to Recepient or Sender, depending on what you've been agreed on. Please, keep numbers, delivery addresses and other personal information secure. Discuss delivery arrangements in private messages.

8. Let's keep the group fun, dynamic, useful and inspiring in this time of pandemic.

9. Strictly no minors allowed. Each member shall be responsible and consenting adults dealing with one another in good faith. It is presumed that all the one bartering possess full ownership and right of disposal of the items being bartered.

10. Once exchange is complete, please edit your post and indicate BARTER COMPLETED, Done, Completed or Closed. The admin reserves right to delete post after the consummation of barter.


Group Rules from the Admins
  • No Buying or Selling
    Barter is an exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.
  • Follow the format
    Item description / item picture / bartering for
  • No Pets and Animals
    Facebook rules doesn’t allow pets and animals, except animals meant for food consumption like chicken, pig, and cows.
  • No Declaration
    Please declare if this item is Authentic, Class A, or OEM
  • No Covid19 Medical Supplies
    Facebook doesn’t allow mask, alcohol, and other medical supplier use for covid19
  • No Guns and Airsoft
    Its a Facebook rule we must follow
  • Child Protection
    Refrain from using minors and children to gain trade advantage.
  • Be Kind and Courteous
    We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.
  • No Hate Speech or Bullying
    Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.
  • Illegal
    Anything illegal is obviously not allowed. From drugs to guns and endangered animals.

IMPORTANT: The page admin will not be liable or responsible for any transactions between parties in this group. No fees shall be collected for posting or participation in this group.