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Students Must Read


" Yes, we graduated now. So it's okay?"-Do you have work yet?
" All people that are afraid means don't trust God? - Nope.
"You just broke a lot of couple because of this post" - Because they realized it's not yet the right time.
Bes, bat kasi excited?
Maybe it will run out?
He might be with someone else?
He might get tired of waiting?
Or because you thought he was the one.
Not all answered prayers, we thought it was already an answered prayer.
Some people are just made by enemies, they can attack anytime.
They will live your weakness, and if you give up, you lose.
There are few leaving the Church to pursuing their relationship, because they believe this is often the time.
Is it because they saw the qualification they were looking for in that person? They thought it was really there?
Don't be carelessly, brother.
The Lord will never make us suffer,
He doesn't want us to leave where he put us.
He will not give us people who will be a reason for us to stay away from him. He will never choose us who among both of them.
So when you leave, you lose.
Jeremiah 29 11.
He features a better plans for us, yung hindi tayo mapapahamak. ?
All we need is to trust.
Some people will still join the mentors because they think they are being tightening, didn't we think this is also for us? Who's life is this? To us, right? Why are they meddling? They are concerned, best friend, they don't want us to perish. ❤
If we can't obey our mentors, how will we be able to make a chance to do our partner?
Let go and Let God.
She has beautiful plans in our lives that are better than our own plans.
" Let's help our parents first, it's better so far from ourselves to not invite our parents. ? ?

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