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Pdf Books Community Rules



Official Language Policy
Members can only speak in English or Tagalog language.
General Rules
Usernames with malicious, illicit, foul words are prohibited and can be deleted directly .

Any sort of advertisements concerning other sites / forum site(s) is strictly prohibited.

Use of avatars, signatures, profile pictures and screenshots containing any name or initials
that resembles the name of other forum site(s) is taken into account as advertising and will be avoided.

Posts containing racism, foul words, bullying, rudeness, discriminating or threatening other members aren't allowed.

Linking blog post/site isn't allowed.

Posting in SMS format, text message, all capital letters, jejemon style posts must be avoided.

Spamming, double posting, flooding aren't allowed.

Please refrain from making one word, single or all smiley posts as they will appear to be spam and are too vague to be sufficient feedback.

Maximum of 1 smiley/emoji per sentence & maximum of two per paragraph are allowed, quite that's considered as spam.

No "PM me" threads are going to be allowed. This includes "Post here and I'll PM you", "Post here and like my post and I'll PM you", "Post your Email", or any "Post to PM" threads.

We don't allow commission url shortener links (adf-ly and similar program).

We strictly don't allow Fullz, Carding, & mastercard numbers from BIN. Data with individual's name, security number, birth date, account numbers and other data.

Posting of You-Tube links are considered advertisement and will be avoided.
Nu'dity and po'rnography
po'rnographic images, videos, or games

po'rnographic cartoons or anime (hentai/ecchi)


ki'lling or abuse
Affiliate, Referral, Commission / Facebook, Twitter embed rules update
Commission Download link is not allowed throughout the forum only admins

Facebook & Twitter embed aren't allowed (no direct link, ) only admins

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