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Adidas Gazelle ADV Bluebird/Footwear White


[Image: Adidas-Gazelle-ADV-Shoes-Blue-Bird-Cloud...00x600.jpg]

Over the next couple decades, Adidas Womens continued to update the sneaker for better performance and style, securing a permanent place for it in the sneaker hall of fame. Paying homage to the legendary version that came out in 1991, this one has the same materials, colors and proportions as the original, along with the iconic three-stripe design.

The adidas Women’s Gazelle sneakers are the cut and Comfortable Shoes quality you expect from the classic brand, with low soles, three jagged stripes up each side, a trefoil logo embossed on the serrated tongue, stitching over the toebox and round the heel, with a trefoil logo at the back, and built-in sweat-wicking insoles, and a foil GAZELLE over one side stripe. Clear a space on your shoe rack, ‘cos you’ve just met your next favorite sneaker.

The Gazelle is a shoe that started off in the sports world, has been worn by a handful of todaycapture influential subcultures, and was favored by celebrities such as Oasis, Kate Moss, and a young Michael Jackson. And if you were perplexed as to how something that never seemed to go away could become the new thing to be excited about, the answer is convoluted. To really understand, we need to examine its history and legacy, but charting the history of specific Adidas shoes is never easy.

The color of the Adidas Gazelle ADV Bluebird/Footwear White actually denoted their performance purpose. The Gazelle Blue was made for training, with a kangaroo upper, padded ankle, arch support, foot-form tongue, and micro-grip sole. The Gazelle Red was created with handball in mind, incorporating a completely different transparent, non-slip outsole tread.

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